Friday, March 26, 2010

He's Bonafide

I'm happy to report that me and the mister are now ... officially ... engaged! Now how did this happen, being that we've both been in and out of marriages in the past? I truly believe that a couple must have some pretty significant things in common, mutual respect, and of course, unrelenting passion for each other and those things we love in life.
For us, we both love growing things, animals and doing as much for ourselves as possible. We get tremendous joy over silly farm things, or a new way to save money or reuse something. We think the other is simply brilliant, and we can't imagine our lives without each other. For me, it doesn't get much better than this.
This picture of us is pretty funny: him in a suit and me in a fancy dress. More like it would be the iconic American Gothic--overalls and a pitch fork. It was taken last October at my aunt's wedding in California. He led me around the dance floor all night to country tunes and I've never enjoyed a wedding more. I can't wait to plan ours, though it will probably entail a trip to the courthouse and a summer barbeque on the farm.
Did he present me with a multi-carat diamond ring? No, that would only hinder me in my daily chores (though I did get a ring I love). Our engagement weekend included driving to nearby Alma, Kansas, to purchase me my very own farm truck--a 1969 Chevy Longhorn, sage green with saddle brown interior. Though at the moment, it's parked outside my soon-to-be hubby's office in Topeka. Hmmm ... whose truck is it now?