Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Whirlwind Week

Over the past week I visited California to attend my aunt's wedding. She met the man of her dreams and three months later, they got married. She's the most generous, genuine person I know, so of course I was overjoyed for her. I brought my Kansas sweetie along and he met my entire family. In a predominantly female family, I think the few males were elated to have a real man's man to reconnoiter. Oh yes, conversations about hunting and ear-sniffing coyotes and the differences between cowboys and farmers abounded. (Hint: farmers don't press creases into their jeans. And, farmers wear Levis; cowboys wear Wranglers.) My California kin are decidely cowboys, and me and the Mister are definitely farmers. Glad to have that all established.
As soon as I landed back in Kentucky, before I could say "Jack Rabbit," I hit the road and drove to upstate New York, almost 600 miles. Though I can't really divulge entirely what I'm working on just yet, I will say that it's a television show. We shot the pilot among the glorious fall color along beautiful Oatka Trail in Mumford. It's a breath of fresh air learning a new medium in which to communicate: challenging, but ultimately rewarding because I can feel myself growing by being pushed out of my comfort zone. I never had to face 55+ mph winds while trying to write an editorial from my desk! Stay tuned for progress reports on the show.


  1. Will be interested in hearing what kind of show you are doing karen!
    Sounds like a fun trip to CA

  2. I concur...excellent photo of you, and I'm thoroughly intrigued by what type of show you might be working on! Something farm/rural lifestyle-related, I hope! You go, Girl!

  3. Nice camera! Can't wait to hear more about your new project! :)

  4. I'm very curious about the TV show too!
    And a note on cowboys...I'm married to one and he wears Levi's and doesn't crease his jeans. Are you talking about rodeo cowboys maybe? My cowboy is an orginal one, the old fashioned kind that actually works on a cattle ranch and goes on round ups on horseback. Not many like that left.